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All Summer in a Day


So, at the beginning of the summer season, I had grandiose plans of travelling, both locally and afar, and recording the best and the worst of what I find. However, life got in the way, as it often does. We are now starting to experience the chill of Autumn…the Equinox is on Wednesday! So, with the advent of the changing season, I will consolidate my summer into a solitary post. Then I shall greet the autumn with brand new sweaters (though I overheat,no matter the chill) brand new notebooks (though I am no longer a student) and a brand new set of adventures for my favorite season. (Pumpkin beer has been tasted and seeds have been eaten…yum!)

Since I left my planner, and thus my schedule, in the city at my friends’ apartment after our getaway to Ocean City, a lot of the early stuff is going chronologically by what I have in my Iphoto. This summer was jam-packed with fun little weekends, local or otherwise, and it’s hard to remember a lot when it’s September! June

Posey, me, Pompy and Pumples

Two of my best friends got their Masters! I am so proud of them. Of course, we celebrated at our tried and true Manhattan haunt, Metro53. The girls and I first visited this place for Posey’s 21st, 3 years ago, and it is still a blast. A fellow Iona graduate manages the place now, too! We celebrated in style, at the back bar, with a dance floor all our own…

Also, this summer, my brother and dad bought a boat, and the fam spent a lot of time on the water, and on Fire Island. We visited Kismet in June, and I walked to visit the lighthouse one day. I didn’t think to carry cash, so I didn’t get to go up…oh well, next time! More photos from Kismet here.

My friend Matthew, jump roping in glo ropes!

I celebrated Summer Solstice at my favorite place on the Island, Thatch Meadow Farm, but that is a post all it’s own. We are celebrating Halloween there, with a group costume in the making…

Guess who the birthday girl is?

My birthday was a success, complete with a birthday shout-out from my favorite local band, my dear friends, Funkin’ A. I danced all night, made full-body shadow puppets, was serenaded, was gifted with the LOUDEST firework ever, and fell asleep outside, wrapped in a snuggie, smiling.

Then July Happened

Felice Bros on the Main Stage at GSB. I was so close!!!

I danced in the rain to Reckoning and saw the Felice Brothers play at the Great South Bay Music Festival from barely more than an arm’s length away.


Saw Dave Matthews at Citifield for Pumple’s birthday, ate delicious cupcakes and pre-gamed like champs.

Main field at Vibes in Bridgeport

Gathering Of the VIBES 2010, also a post all it’s own…


Funkin A’ played a booze cruise out of Captree and I danced all night. The monsters came and all of my best friends were ON A BOAT.  My parents came too, and my dad wound up putting a traffic cone on his head when we left!

The Monsters stayed the weekend and came out with my parents and I to Westhampton. We lazed on the beach, watched guidos at the bar and learned a bit too much about each other during a very revealing Never Have I Ever ( and my mother played ><)

The Monsters and I rounded out our summer by spending a week in Ocean City, Maryland. Like the Baby-Sitters Club, with more alcohol! We got a beautiful condo at the Princess Royale for 5 days, with a walkway right to the beach and delicious seafood on every corner. Not to mention, the greatest bar ( bars? this place had 17!) I’ve ever seen, Seacrets.

And the last couple weekends have been dedicated to relaxing, enjoying the last couple weeks of beautiful summer weather, getting my projects in order and spending time with my favorite people. We went in calling it the Summer of Love…I’m not disappointed.

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