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Because Someone Broke Your Heart, Once


Because someone broke your heart once, when they really shouldn’t have, and after awhile all the memories of that person started to compile into an idealized few songs and not a person, but they hurt. And here you are, a year later, after someone else had come along and made you happy and broke your heart and someone else makes you happy now. And Neil Young is singing about hearts and this time last year it would have made you cry and maybe vomit so you avoided Neil Young and Bob Dylan wasn’t yours anymore, either. But here you are, driving home from The One That Makes You Happy Now, and that song comes on that used to tie you to that broken heart, and make you cry and maybe vomit, and you hardly notice because you’re fully enjoying the warble, at peace. It is yours, again. No. You are older, and wiser, you tell yourself, your heart was always yours and will always be. Don’t allow anyone to break it again. Never give up on Neil Young.

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  1. 05/02/2011 11:07 pm

    Never ever EVER give up on Neil. Ever. He’ll never give up on you, so do him a solid and do the same.


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