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So I used to keep this notebook…

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A moleskine, to be precise, a small kraft cover in which I would write down all the funny things my friends said. My friend Chris was doing it, and capturing the *ahem* subtleties of our nights out, of which there were many. I have since stopped carrying mine, I don’t think I’ve written anything in it in a couple months, but upon looking back, here are a few of my favorite entries

“These aren’t moccasins…these are Sperrys”

Credited -Toolbox at (Penn Station) Taco Bell 10/4/09 3:08AM

“You’re an adjusted hipster”

Credited -Pumples to leather pants wearing hipster on train, 10/4/09 3:31AM

“Well sex with clothes is so hard!”

Credited- ?, 10/12/09 2:52AM

“Watch my elbows…because that’s what’s going to hit you in the box”

CreditedChris, 10/24/09 approx. 2AM

“I can wax on, wax off with my tits!”

Credited-NRPS, 10/29/09

“Double breasted closet door…I think that’s a gay man’s worst fear”

Credited-NRPS, 11/10/09

“I wouldn’t let you suck Bon Jovi’s dick alone”

Credited-NRPS, 11/21/09 12:24AM

“Speaking of the crazy train- When I saw M. last night, I hugged him around the middle and asked him how his day was and it was so girlfriendly that I nearly vomited on his heelys.”

Credited-Me, 11/23/09

“I definitely hit someone in the head with my champagne cork and carried a gun around all night…I would say that’s a win.”

Credited- NRPS, 1/1/10

“Your nipple boobs are staring at me”

Uncredited,Atlantic City

“I’m catholic but I’m gay

Credited-Rando guy at AC bar

“I’m going to drown you in a vat of hops”

Uncredited, probably Chris, sometime in Spring

“This is what I like about you…you like breakfast”


“I woke up like a rat person”

Credited-Pomps, undated

“Wow, that really isn’t an ‘open up and take it’ kind of beer”

Credited-Me, Wunderbar, Long Island City

“Oh shit, a car is coming right at me”

Credited-Jas, street

“Have you ever seen that face in camera-vision?”

Credited-Me to M? undated.

And that’s where it ends. There are a few brainstorming ideas in there, and a few quotes lying around but that’s the best of the worst. More of a “you’ll get it if you were there” type thing, but nice to look back on.

In other news, I finally organized my iphoto, am working on getting my LI photoblog up and going again and have a small film project in the works…life is getting exciting again! That’s an odd thing for November…

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