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Let’s get a Little Ahead of Ourselves…


I realized I had draft upon draft saved up, some from as far back as early October, where I may have just become single, and I may have had a ton of big plans that I was writing about doing, but may or may not have gotten around to doing. So, here are some things that ARE happening…

I began hooping, after months of wanting to try!

This summer was a series of festivals and every stage area had a collection of hoopers who were so good, I was intimidated to try. It took admiring the motivation of a good friend’s successful hoop endeavour to light a fire under my butt to get my own. I got my hoop from a local artist- it is pink, tan and black and named Pussy Galore! I love it. Hooping is physically challenging, but once you get going, simple hooping can be mindless. It is also so much fun to dance and jam ( especially to the new Girl Talk!) and try and learn new tricks. Now, I am only 4 days in, but it is the only kind of exercise I have wanted to do every day for longer than 10 minutes…I can hoop for hours! Good thing, too, because this summer and fall have packed some poundage on and I have limited time to get in shape for…

Christmas in Mexico, whaaat?  The fam and I are headed on a cruise for Christmas, and will be in Cozumel for Christmas day. I was admittedly hesitant at first. Considering how traditions have really taken ahold of me more than I expected, I was getting very sad at the thought of spending Christmas somewhere other than my living room floor by a fire. But, as long as we are all there, what’s the trouble, really? Change is good.

But, before I get all worried about Christmas ( let’s wait till Black Friday for that) we must think about Thanksgiving in 2 days! My menu is planned, as it was my responsibility this year, and I scooped up a broccoli casserole recipe from Paula Deen that looks pretty close to how my Grandma used to make, a stuffing from Ina Garten that looks flippin’ delicious and EASY ( 2 musts for stuffing, my favorite side) and a recipe for sweet potato pie from Sugar Plum that looks AMAZING. I have been reading Emily’s blog for awhile now, and her recipes always look delicious, though I don’t think I have tried any yet. This sweet potato pie is sure to be the star of the meal. I am cooking for 9, with the help of my mom, so I am anticipating a pretty relaxed Thanksgiving. It’s my favorite holiday, I will not settle for less than stress-free deliciousness with a side of naps and dirty jokes fueled by favorite cocktails ( and maybe some sportsball)!

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