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Quick! There’s a Red Sticker on the Life Lesson!


I was in a bookstore today when I noticed an astrology book in the clearance section. A sucker for coffee table books, the cover told me that this particular book had an astrological reading for every birth date. I picked it up, flipping to my own, of course, and skimmed for compatibility charts or that lover/friend/enemy tripe then planned to flip and see what the stars held for the men who had scorned me. Then, in the top right corner, my eyes fell upon this quote:

Everything in my life works better when I love and take care of myself

I stopped and took a breath. Not to sound like a sucker, but it was true! Recently I have battled with the idea of being comfortable on my own, able to take care of myself, and a whole person as opposed to half of a couple. So, I didn’t open to anyone else’s birthday. I just did me and closed the book.

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