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20 Non-resolutions for 2011


I really don’t believe in making resolutions at the new year simply because nine out of ten times they don’t work, and anyway,  I am lazy as hell. Also, if I deny myself anything, I go completely batshit. Case in point- I go a couple days without smoking cigarettes and get very high and mighty. I proclaim that I don’t need nicotine and am quitting. 3 days later, stressed for whatever reason, I go and buy a pack and am back to square one. This has been going on since October.

Long term goals often beget disappointment for me, but I have been a member of and  for awhile now, and I like what they have to offer*. I like being able to look at and prioritize my goals and tick them off as they occur. Most of them are events or even milestones, which are more rewarding to me than resolutions to change a habit. Unfortunately the site is down, but should be up sometime soon. Until then, as we are entering the last legs of January, it seems a perfect time to lay out some “goals” that I’ve jotted down for the next year. Or two. No time limit necessary.

  1. Move out by summer. I’m shooting for July
  2. Freelance more and find a different job to support said move in July
  3. Drink less.
  4. Eventually quit smoking everything that can be smoked.
  5. Learn to enjoy time on my own
  6. Research my family tree
  7. Master hooping and hooptricks
  8. Road trip with pals and document it
  9. videotape more
  10. Branch out more socially
  11. Pay off my credit cards
  12. Minimize extraneous spending
  13. Bake/ experiment more
  14. Get into reading again/ read at least 20 books this year
  15. of the books I read, make sure a few come from this list
  16. Craft more often
  17. TRY and write something,anything, daily.
  18. Go back to school, or at least take a few classes. I miss being a student.
  19. Get over my fear of casual dating, and document it.
  20. Start playing with makeup again

*I think it is safe to say, since I have no readers, that no one is paying me to say this.


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