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Stream of Consciousness 1/24- Fitness


I went to work annoyed this morning. I had an itch to write about a pain in my ass. Literally, a pain in my ass. At about 2pm on Friday afternoon, I emerged from my home to a light blanket of snow in my driveway. Considering Murphy’s Law, I grabbed the shovel and cleared out a path for my car, just in case.

Fast forward a few hours and I am aching. What the fuck, man!? I say to myself. I am young and I consider myself healthy-ish. I am clearly wrong. To make matters worse, I feel a strain in my right buttcheek. I’m pretty sure I pulled an ass muscle shoveling, as I hadn’t gotten laid in about a week.

dry spell.

And here I am, three days later, and it’s. Still. Hurting. WTF.  This morning I realized it was completely and utterly ridiculous that a rough six minutes of shoveling has had my ass out of commission for three days, so, impulsive bugger that I am, I went to the Y and a big meathead gym today to compare prices. Don’t worry, I didn’t exert too much energy, they were across the street from each other. I got my price sheets, returned a 13 year overdue library book, went to the other library to hang out on facebook, went home, ate Carvel and played vidya games. Whooo.

I sign up for the Y tomorrow. I mean it. Hopefully they have a room where I can hoop for 2 solid hours like I did Saturday night. My knees have the bruises to prove it…shut up.


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