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A Formal Apology to my Facebook Friends/ Introducing Weekly Mix Tapes


I treat Facebook like Fight Club, as in I don’t really like talking about it in public. Granted, it’s fun to make fun of old high school friends on occasion, or even to give a pal  props on their clever comments on your pictures or posts or whathaveyous . But honestly, if we are hanging out and talking, let’s be real people, please? Not the digital limitations of ourselves.

Now this may sound strange considering I am an avid Facebook user, and post often. What do I post, though? Music videos. Links to songs I like on when I’m in the car. Shit my friends send me. Any new ( to me) dance track that I can get my grubby little hands on. And I’m listening all day. So…I post all day. Hey, I like this! Why shouldn’t everybody else? Which clogs up my precious wall and my friends’ precious news feeds and it does nobody any good because after awhile, no one wants to hit ‘play’ anymore because they’re sick of seeing your shit. So, from now on I will post a slew of fave songs/ videos every Monday ( Or in this case, Wednesday…whatever) because I’m a recovering Facebook addict and I need to pretend somebody might pay attention to me.

Week Numero Uno

I am lucky enough to have a lot of friends who know a lot more about music than I do, and sweep in on white horses to save me when I am stuck in the valley of audial ruts. One of my favorite musical prince(ss) charmings is my dear old pal, Iney.

Iney and I go back to middle school where we used to dance awkwardly an draw on cardboard cut outs of Britney Spears. More than a decade later, we still like to dance and draw, and Iney has a radio show these days. She will sit and work hard on a playlist or just go into the studio and pick off a wall of hundreds of new releases and play you something awesome, always. Iney is also very thoughtful and has been making me lovely mix cds for years, often packed with indie goodness. The latest was Merry Mix-Mas! which I just received, so it has been on in my car constantly.  Isn’t it adorable?

And it is well-made. She really knows how to juxtapose tracks.  The one artist she got me hooked on because of this mix is Sleigh Bells. So pretty and fun and boppy at the same time. So first track, Sleigh Bells’ Infinity Guitars.

And, from the last mix Iney gave me, Metric, Stadium Love

Thank you,

I love listening to new friends’ ipods:

My best friend turned me on to these lovely ladies:

Les Claypool radio on Last is my new favorite thing. I’m so surprised I knew nothing of Mr. Bungle before a week ago

And, because Les Claypool melted my face last summer, here is Primus at Gathering of the Vibes…I am all of 15 feet from the stage, here.


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