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You Can’t Run Forever.


Due to silly drama cropping up in my social circle, I had a strong urge to get away for the weekend. Tuesday night I had dinner with my old friend, Cait, and was planning to ask her if she wanted to visit our friend DJ in the city for the weekend. On the car ride to the restaurant, however, she asks me, “Are you going Saturday?”

“To what?” I ask her. It turns out that DJ and her boyfriend, who we also went through school with, were coming home for the weekend becuse he was playing a show at my local stomping ground that I was so desperately trying to escape. After swallowing a bitter laugh at kismet, I said I would join them.

It took me a few days to realize that many of  the locals that I have avoided since graduation day, my 18th birthday, would be in attendance. Would so and so recall the time I saw her at Borders and tried to duck behind the graphic novels? Would whosis try and talk about how six months of married life had been? Would I call out whatshisname on bringing a prostitute to prom? Or worse, would nobody want to talk at all?  Suddenly, hanging around a few drama queens from another high school seemed better than having all these people from mine at MY bar. But, I haven’t seen my couple of friends from this old group in a long time, and keeping them is important to me, so I went.

I walked in, and I had forgotten, it gets freaking crowded on a Saturday night!  Thankfully, the girls were right up front…and nobody wanted to do much talking. I guess that makes sense at a pop-punk extravaganza. I did have a nice conversation with DJ’s roommate, who I also went to high school with; we talked about our plans for the future and it was a comfort to hear this very nice guy I just barely knew say “I’m rooting for you”, considering those closest to me are doubting my motivations for the coming year.  I realized that these people werent so bad…they’re just people. The ones we avoided then are easily avoided now, and a little chit chat may not be so bad now and then.

Also, I got invited to an anti-valentines party for tomorrow. But we’ll discuss those feelings in another post. Till then…

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