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A Sunday – In Cocktails


A few girlfriends and I visited DC for the weekend. We drove down Friday night, woke up early Saturday to hit a couple of the museums, then went out Saturday night. Those stories will be coming soon, when I haven’t been staring at stretches of road for the entire day. This is about Sunday. Sunday, yesterday, we were not nearly as productive.

The four of us woke up at about 1pm and decided to go get some brunch around the corner from our hotel at a lovely little spot called Logan Tavern. Equipped with sunglasses and empty stomachs, we ventured.  I had never tried a Bloody Mary before, but Logan has a menu entirely dedicated to them! I decided this was the place to give it a shot.

Because sometimes what you need is a little hair of the dog.

I was hesitant, but it was delicious. Soon, the three ladies and I were chatting about what we would put in our next one. Cucumber vodka? Delicious! Beef jerkey garnish? Why not! But our food came, and though I don’t have a photo of my crab cake sandwich, it certainly filled me up. But not before we spied house infused pinapple vodka on the menu, straight up. Aptly named the Stoly Doly. Four of these puppies hit the table.

went down smooth

We sat, we chatted. Any tension that may have built up from intoxication and close quarters the night before had now evaporated, due to more steady intoxication and even closer quarters. When our lovely waiter slid our check on the table, we knew it was time to move on. Oddly, 7-11s don’t carry alcohol in DC. So we did what any resourceful girls would do and asked the cute guys walking past where we could find beer, as we smoked a cigarette outside of the cafe. One assured us that the Whole Foods across the street had a nice selection so we picked out 3 sixers and scampered back to our hotel with our bounty. Oh, and bunny ears from CVS.

But wait! We got back to the hotel at 5pm which meant one thing:

bottoms up

Complimentary wine and champagne in the lobby. I had also had a nasty post nasal drip all day, hence the CVS trip. So along with my champagne came this:

I'm not joking.

After this, the girls and I settled down for a game of Apples to Apples. At this point, I’m feeling pretty:

my first win.

After a few rounds, Blondie was working on a final and the rest of us cracked our beers.

We continued to watch funny videos, like this one of a marine dancing on duty.

Blondie finished her final, we celebrated by having a cigarette in our pjs, eating delivery pizza off of torn pieces of the box and having a dance party to Girl Talk. All in all, it was the classiest Sunday I’ve seen in a long time.


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