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Two Weekends, Slightly Photographed.


Few and far between are the Mondays where you’re not disappointed to be going back to work. Well last Monday I wasn’t even close to disappointed because I had a wonderful spring weekend! I took a trip out to Queens on Friday and set off for Atlantic City on Saturday. Even better, the majority of the people I spent my time with were nearly strangers, so the weekend was also spent gettting to know some new people.

After a week at work where everyday felt like Monday, I found myself on a train Friday afternoon to Astoria. I visited my friend Chris, met some of his work friends at the new Biergarten in the neighborhood. The Biergarted was amazing, I wish I had pictures. I actually got a word in with one of the managers about their entertainment and he gave me his card for my friends to get in touch with him to play! That would be incredible, since acts they have coming up are super impressive.(The Roots are playing next month ><) After sampling a few pitchers, Chris and I and a few of his friends headed back to his apartment, where I and a couple of champs imbibed on Wild Turkey. By morning, after a roll with cream cheese and a dollar jump off, we were on our way.


That's the jump off

Oh, I forgot to mention why we went down to AC in the first place…it was Beerfest! So after we controlled our hangovers from the night before, we set off. On the way out of NY, we saw the most amazing thing.


Shoddy pic, but that is indeed a Bieber Bus. Apparently they do tours and Cirque Du Soleil trips- cool!

When we arrived at the Sheraton, the area between the convention center and lobby was pure mayhem from the session before. Hundreds of people were walking around, yelling, smoking and wearing pretzel necklaces. Oh, I wanted to get IN. NOW. And we did. And we drank. For four hours straight with over 75 vendors. I came home with shit in my bag that I have no inkling how it got there. Nevermind, carry on.

Just one wall at the fest

After the fest, the boys and I hit the casino and a strip club. I got to smack the ass of a nice blondie stripper. I don’t remember her name.

So I meant to post this last week. But here I am a week later and see this in my drafts. So why not talk about this past weekend too, huh?

Friday was my best friend’s 25th birthday so we took a limo around Manhattan for the milestone.

Group shot where I'm checking out my shoes...typical

Saturday was spent in typical hangover fashion- on the girls’ couch till 7pm when I decided to drag my ass home…and out to a show. A few friends were doing a collaborative gig and absolutely killed it. I danced my little heart out and got to catch up with some friends. Today? Today I slept in, watched Archer on Netflix and did some much needed cleaning. Oh, and I snacked while playing the Sims 3. What’s that called? Relaxing? I almost forgot. Till next time, pals. ♥

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