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Another Lazy Week, Another Slightly Photographed Weekend.


I have no excuses for not writing this week. Moving on.

Friday marked the beginning of something wonderful- Spring Break. Well, Friday after 2:45, that is. The students were surprisingly well-behaved, even after a Thursday that included a field trip and treats, they stuck it out for the pre-vacation Fun Friday treats and movie ( Kung-Fu Panda!). As soon as the bell rang, I was up and out.

It was my good friend Tundra’s (Iney) 25th birthday on Friday so I decided to make her some funfetti cupcakes. While on a mission for frosting, I went on a tear at the supermarket looking for healthy foods-because what’s a better time to try and eat right than Spring Break? Starting Monday, of course.

A little pilates and a trip to the beer distributor’s and I was ready to party. The apartment was filled with balloons, friends and candy. And there was a pinata…more candy! Needless to say, I woke up in a sugar coma. ( Wrappers next to my pillow beside my glasses, I shit you not.)

The Bday girl and I decorated with a blacklight menagerie the night before.

25 "over the hill" snort.

I had to make sure my cupcakes were enjoyed so I made sure Jackson enjoyed his

Saturday, I was abruptly awoken after about 4 hours of sleep by my phone ringing. Oh yeah, I had made plans for Record Store Day!  Fuck off, sugar coma! My friend and I scoured 3 stores on the island and came home with some pretty awesome finds. Our first stop was a place called Mr. Cheapo’s and, ironically, I spent the bulk of my money there. I must have picked up Mothers of Invention, Absolutely Free about six times before I decided it had to come home with me. I also picked up Talking Heads, Fear of music, and what looked like the Worst Movie Ever ( House by the Cemetery) for $1. Score! On to the next one.

Finds of the day

The next one was Long Island Vinyl exchange where I snagged ( without even knowing it was going to be there) the LAST copy of the Tron Legacy EP. BAM

So. Effing. Psyched.

Last, but certainly not least was the record store day event at Looney Tunes. We must have scoured that place for two hours and I went home with 4 albums for five dollars and change. (Men At Work-Business as Usual, New Riders of the Purple Sage-Gypsy Cowboy, Rod Stewart Sings the Hits and the super fun Pigtown Fling- Dulcimer Sessions) Also snagged $2 beers there from my fave local brewers and a free t-shirt. I think ‘BAM!’ was the word of the day.

Rod Therapy

Afterwards, after grabbing dinner ( delicious mac & cheese), I was shot. I met up with a girlfriend and instead of going to our friends show, as was the plan all week, we went up to our buddies house and helped them do an almost 800 piece puzzle of Times Square. Pretty awesome.

All in

Sunday, well, Sunday is a little blurry. I don’t think I did much. To end it, I went back to Tundra’s house to help finish some of the leftover beer ( and candy) from Friday while watching the Worst Movie Ever. Monday rung in the beginning of a ‘detox’ of my own making. More on that later. Happy Spring Break!

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