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30 Day Song Challenge-Day 1, Your Favorite Song


Oy vey, you would think a 30 day challenge would start off with something easy?

Let’s backtrack. I have, as of ten minutes ago, decided to take on the 30 Day Song Challenge, as popularized by Facebook  and Tumblr friends. ( Overly verbose, there is no way I could do this through Facebook links. Also, remember my link whoring? It’s back.)

The rules are simple- post a video of a song relating to the day’s topic. To kick it off, start with your favorite song. As an audiophile with ADD, this presents the real challenge. It’s hard, because I woke up with a song I really love in my head and it’s been replaying all day, but it’s not my favorite. Next, I turned to my itunes, top 25 most played. Animal Collective, Against Me!, Matt and Kim, more Against Me!, Rilo Kiley…they have staying power, to be sure, but nothing jumped out.

The Weezer albums that the adolescent me wore out, the songs that made me feel things I had never felt before and will never feel again because they’re reserved for fragile sixteen-year-old hearts?

Songs I get excited to hear…Toto’s Africa? It’s only incredibly satisfying after half a bottle of Jameson.

And then one came to me, simple and classic. The type of songs you always forget because they have been with you forever. A college friend of mine used to play the outro to this for me on piano when I left the theater. I was obsessed with the acoustic version as a small child and when I finally heard ( or rather, noticed) the original, I was smitten. Here it is.

And for good measure, the scene that I can’t divorce from the outro no matter how hard I try. I’m not complaining though,it’s really a perfect pairing.

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  1. 04/24/2011 2:03 pm

    When ya think about it.. this song’s more heart wrenching then any Weezer song (even though Weezer songs are NOT just reserved for 16 yr olds). I mean, he wanted Patti Boyd, his best friend’s wife. His best friend was a Beatle. Try wanting a Beatle’s wife desperately while you know you can’t be with her. Oh, that’s right you can’t, because you’re not Eric Clapton and your best friend wasn’t a Beatle. But he did get the girl in the end… and then they divorced. Oh love, you’re effin funny.

    • 04/24/2011 2:55 pm

      Point taken. We’ve had this conversation 🙂
      Also, I meant the feeling is something reserved for sixteen, the songs can mold themselves to any age but damn, high school? Blue Album and Pinkerton were my scripture.

      • 04/25/2011 7:29 pm

        Yes.. my Senior year of H.S. I was convinced that Rivers wrote Pinkerton FOR me. I knew a girl with a pet snake AND a drug problem that I had a crazy crush on… but she didn’t have any tattoos (then). I had a crush on a girl I thought was perfect for me, only to find out she was a lesbian. Oh awkward teenage days, how I don’t miss you.

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