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30 Day Song Challenge- Day 10, A Song That Makes You Fall Asleep


This is a brutalizing post because all I want to do is catch up on sleep, I know I won’t sleep well tonight and I’m not allowed to sleep tomorrow. I was a kid that could have the headphones on, blasting Ramones at top volume and still manage to pass out in the backseat of my parents’ car. I’ve passed out to Daft Punk, visualizing “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” as the Casino Zone scene of Sonic 2 ( and totally sober). I imagine the request was for something soothing, something you would put on to lull yourself to sleep. Well, when I’m tired, I pop on a South Park episode and have been following the same bedtime routine for about 2 years running. I took some time my itunes to check out something that may have been a lullaby way back when. The answer was simple. Lullaby. ( I could extend it to the entire Royal Tenenbaums soundtrack, but I’ll spare you the agony and myself the work for once.

…perhaps I spoke too soon. Just one more off the soundtrack. Another gem.

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