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30 Day Song Challenge-Days 11 and 12, A Song By Your Favorite Artist, A Song By a Band You Hate


Despite their more, ahem, questionable work the last few years, Weezer has held strong as my favorite band since I was a little, impressionable thing. I have a romance blog half named after their baby-faced frontman who basically ruined my having any normal expectations of the opposite sex. ( I’m not alone on this). But despite my own shortcomings at their hands, I still love them madly ( isn’t that how any normal relationship works?).  I have a lot more to say about Mr. Cuomo than can’t be said here so I’ll let sleeping dogs lie, for now.

Top 3 Weezer, since one thing I refuse to do is make up my mind.

Because when you’re 11, songs about an older guy masturbating to someone 5000 miles away who is probably half his age is like, so dreamy. Also, the way he over-enunciated ‘monk’ always killed me. I must have replayed that split second several hundred times over. Miraculously, my copy still plays perfectly.

From when I started thinking I was cool and special. I had an intensive list of everything Cuomo had ever written and produced and was rabid about getting my hands on it all. I got much amusement out of hearing Blast Off! for the first time, and still make reference to Let’s Sew our Pants Together and Chess. Some of my favorite tracks come off of the Alone recordings and I’m including Cuomo’s solo work in my three. Actually, this was a track intended for Songs From the Black Hole, so it works either way.

Off the Red Album. In my opinion, this is the most solid track they’ve produced this past decade. Let’s remeber that the Red Album also included Pork and Beans, which is unforgivable. ( Also, I could watch this video over and over for the pure joy that is Brian Bell. While Rivers is the guy in the band you always wanted to love you, Brian is the one that always did and would have been the better choice.)

 Now for the Band I hate.

Hate is such a strong word. I hate Bono, that’s for damn sure. However, I’m learning to tolerate his music in my old age. I hate Kesha and Katy Perry, but the challenge doesn’t ask for a song by the Devil’s Spawn. Jason Mraz and Bruno Mars and Train and that band that sounds like Train and the Plain White Ts really piss me off, too. And all that Creed/Nickelback grumblefuck stuff just seems obvious, doesn’t it? Oh, wait.

I actually kind of enjoy this song, but Rush bugs the shit out of me. I’m prepared for the backlash on this one.

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