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Sometimes You Stick Out Your Chin and Catch the Rain


This was a post intended for  Wednesday but it has since been extended to include all lessons from the week.

  • Accept that you will not remember anything from more than three days ago.
  • Accept that the day you choose to wear white, you will inevitably spill coffee on yourself before you even enter the workplace.
  • Accept that when you’re feeling exceptionally good about your performance at work, something will be said or done to make you feel like you suck at everything.
  • Remember that they’re wrong. Relish in that fact.
  • Daydream and mentally decorate in the home section at Target. Consider a new feather pillow or mattress pad. Drool over a vacuum sealed coffee mug.
  • Linger a little longer than appropriate when you look at the flats that are encrusted with glitter
  • Smile at the cute boy sitting next to you and say ‘yes’. He’s a good one. Keep smiling about it for the rest of the week.
  • Write a little every day, with or without purpose.
  • Laugh so hard that you may literally bust your stitches.
  • Painting is therapeutic and requires no goal.
  • You don’t need to be reading a magazine when you get your pedicure. Just enjoy the massage chair and your first frappuccino in the last 5 years ( it was half price).
  • Have that beer.
  • Laugh when your aunts blame each other for getting lipstick on your cheek.
  • Make up new dance moves, the old ones are lagging.
  • Sleep in.
  • Screencap Lady Gaga videos without shame.
  • “It ain’t no thing.”
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