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Its All Downhill From Here: 30 Day Song Challenge-Day 16, A Song You Loved But Now Hate ( I Guess This is Growing Up Edition)


Fickle Broad


30 Day Song Challege-Day 15, A Song That Describes You


We’ve made it halfway! I’ll keep it short and sweet.

Or at least I like to think so.

Excuse Me, My Chest is Vibrating! The Buddie Bra, a Review


A couple of weeks back I was fortunate enough to be a part of an Earth Day event called Mother of Earth, that celebrated all female local artists, musicians and creative souls. I was vending that night, as well as photographing the event, hosting a hula-hooping contest, waiting for my mother to arrive and trying to see the performers downstairs- in short, I had to be everywhere at once. I also needed access to my cell phone, and since it was a crowded bar, I discarded my disgustingly large bag, slung my camera around my wrist, put my cell phone in the cup of my bra and my chapstick straight down the middle ( I was wearing a dress without pockets).

As I was scoping out the other vendors, there was a woman at the other end of my table selling sports bras. Upon further inspection, I realized that they weren’t sports bras, they were bras with pockets! Called the Buddie Bra, it is a sports bra with two pockets sewn into the interior for your phone, cash, ipod, and whatever else you would have just shoved in your bra in a pinch. Perfect for the gym rat, yes, but creator Renee Lewando had something else in mind. In 2008, her father and daughter were both hospitalized, and Renee needed to be connected at a moments notice. Rather than throwing her cell phone in a purse, she would put it in her bra, along with tissues, pens and other necessities. Also, Renee was of the mind that a woman should never be far from her phone, to feel safe even when she is alone. And with that, the Buddie Bra was born.

Wearing my Buddie Bra under a beater

I wore my Buddie Bra for the first time on some errands. It took some getting used to, since I haven’t worn a sports bra in several years, but after a few minutes I barely noticed it. The fit is snug, but not too tight ( I wear a large) and though it sits a little higher on the chest, it does not bunch up, pinch or slide. Underneath the arms, where one will usually find some discomfort, sits far enough below the armpit that it doesn’t dig. I am not able to move around too much because of my surgery, but I did some light, ahem, bouncing around the house ( for science!) and the bra didn’t budge and held the girls in their rightful place without the feeling of being flattened.  I was wearing a cami underneath my dress for a little extra coverage at the Earth Day event and Renee told me she often uses a Buddie Bra for the same purpose; since it comes in 5 solid colors ( as well as a tie-dye and camo option), your bases are covered. The design is seamless enough so that the stitching for the pockets is barely noticeable.

But what about the important part, the pockets themselves?

I stuck my goliath of a phone ( a first gen droid) in the left pocket of the Buddie Bra and it didn’t budge until I wanted it to. Though the pockets are small, they’re not too tight that you struggle to get what you need.  It was obvious that I had a big, rectangle something or other in my shirt, but I take that as a matter of course with a smartphone in my bra. Slip a chapstick or iphone in there and it will be almost unrecognizable. The pockets are lined on the inside, as well, so that your items don’t touch skin.

I will definitely be getting a lot of use out of my Buddie Bra once I get back to the gym. My only suggestion is that they make more colors available. The Buddie Bra retails for $24 and can be purchased at

*Disclaimer- This product was gifted to me by the company. All opinions are 100% my own. I am not being paid to review this product.

30 Day Song Challenge-Day 14, A Song That No One Would Expect You To Love


This has been one of my favorite songs since I was way little and every time I make someone keep it on the radio, they look at me kind of funny. I’ve chosen the unplugged simply because it always resonates more and I think Scott Weiland’s  introduction is really sexy.

I Think I’m a Day Ahead, Now. 30 Day Song Challenge- Day 13


A Guilty Pleasure.
I rocked the fuck out to this yesterday on my commute home. All those other bitches can step off, Beyonce is where it’s at.

Teefs out in the morning, bed for the night. Maybe I’ll do a mildly coherent post when I get home tomorrow. Maybe a live movie review. Hmm.

30 Day Song Challenge-Days 11 and 12, A Song By Your Favorite Artist, A Song By a Band You Hate


Despite their more, ahem, questionable work the last few years, Weezer has held strong as my favorite band since I was a little, impressionable thing. I have a romance blog half named after their baby-faced frontman who basically ruined my having any normal expectations of the opposite sex. ( I’m not alone on this). But despite my own shortcomings at their hands, I still love them madly ( isn’t that how any normal relationship works?).  I have a lot more to say about Mr. Cuomo than can’t be said here so I’ll let sleeping dogs lie, for now. Read more…

30 Day Song Challenge- Day 10, A Song That Makes You Fall Asleep


This is a brutalizing post because all I want to do is catch up on sleep, I know I won’t sleep well tonight and I’m not allowed to sleep tomorrow. I was a kid that could have the headphones on, blasting Ramones at top volume and still manage to pass out in the backseat of my parents’ car. I’ve passed out to Daft Punk, visualizing “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” as the Casino Zone scene of Sonic 2 ( and totally sober). I imagine the request was for something soothing, something you would put on to lull yourself to sleep. Well, when I’m tired, I pop on a South Park episode and have been following the same bedtime routine for about 2 years running. I took some time my itunes to check out something that may have been a lullaby way back when. The answer was simple. Lullaby. ( I could extend it to the entire Royal Tenenbaums soundtrack, but I’ll spare you the agony and myself the work for once.

…perhaps I spoke too soon. Just one more off the soundtrack. Another gem.